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Dental Crowns

Do you suffer from tooth pain, missing teeth, or a severely damaged tooth? You may be in need of restorative dentistry. 

Drs. Daniel Han and Sooyeon Ahn can restore the function and beauty to your teeth with a dental crown.

Find out why you should visit our McLean, VA, practice for crown treatment...

Placing a Crown Is Simple and Easy 

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Dr. Daniel Han

Dr. Daniel Han is a highly skilled periodontal and prosthodontic specialist. He is one of the few doctors in the region with the ability to combine expert techniques in periodontics and implantology with periodontal prosthesis for superior, convenient restorative dentistry

Dr.  Sooyeon Ahn

Dr.  Sooyeon Ahn is our in house orthodontic specialist. Dr. Ahn is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) and the American Dental Association (ADA), providing world-class orthodontics with comprehensive dental treatment.

"Dr. Han is the best dentist that I have ever known..."


Beverly Shatzen


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Best dentist ever! Smart, gentle, and knows his craft inside and out. No one else I would ever want to go to after going to Dr. Han. He is simply the best in every way. I never worry about any procedure. He can handle anything!!

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Fouad Talout


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Dr. Han is the best dentist that I have ever known in my life. He is patient, listens deeply, is very knowledgeable, and is very accessible and responsive to emergency situations.

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How do I know if I need a dental crown?

Crowns Look Just Like Natural Teeth

dental crowns
Dental crowns are customized to fit over a tooth following treatment for trauma or decay.

What are my options when selecting a dental crown?

We Can Offer  Premium Crown Treatment 

Implant-Supported Crown

Implant-Supported Crown

Dental crowns can be placed over an existing natural tooth, or be supported by implants. While implant-supported crowns are a more invasive form of treatment, they are also the most stable, long-lasting form of restorative dental treatment. Your dentist will first place the implants, which fuse with your jawbone over several months in a process known as osseointegration. Once complete, we will take impressions and craft a custom dental crown that secures to the implant for a natural-looking, durable restoration. 

Dental crown milling process

Same-Day Crowns

With state-of-the-art CEREC technology, the dentist can prepare an affected tooth, take impressions, and restore your smile in a single appointment. Our high-tech CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) system takes digital scans of your mouth and uploads them directly to a computer where the dentist designs your restoration. The digital impressions are transferred to the in-house CEREC manufacturing machine where the crown is carved from ceramic. This revolutionary system cuts treatment time down from a few weeks to a few hours in a fast, convenient procedure. 

"He went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with my treatment results."


Shahin Yousefzadeh


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I am myself a dentist and finding Dr. Han for my own treatment was a blessing. He and his staff were nothing short of amazing. Dr. Han is very detail oriented and was extremely patient with me and my expectations. He went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with my treatment results. He is a periodontist and prosthodontist which is the best of two worlds when it comes to analyzing and treating the entire range of implant therapy from individual tooth replacement to complex full mouth reconstruction. Look no further Dr. Han is the best.

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Christine Signori


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Dr Han was very nice, we met for a preliminary consult and established a plan to bring my teeth back to the shape I want them. I have strong teeth but bad gums. I felt completely comfortable with him and could tell he really knew his stuff. Also his staff was super sweet and everyone there seemed genuinely happy. I Look forward to starting my treatment plan with him. He also came highly recommended to me, from my own dentist, who felt I would benefit from a more specialized treatment plan.

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What materials are dental crowns made from?

Selecting Your Restoration Materials 


Porcelain is a highly durable material that mimics the qualities of natural teeth. Porcelain is a favorite among patients and dentists alike for its natural-looking end results and endurable lifespan. 


Patients that chose to undergo same-day CEREC crown treatment will have their tooth fit with a custom ceramic crown. The dentist will match the shade of ceramic to your existing natural teeth to blend the restoration in seamlessly with your smile.

Tooth-Colored Resin

Crowns made from resin can be more affordable than other types of crowns. Unfortunately, all resin is not as strong as porcelain or other blends of restorative materials and can wear down over the course of time.

Traditional Metals

Stainless steel, gold, and zirconia have all been historically used by dentists to construct crowns. These materials are very strong and long-lasting. However, they do not match your teeth which some patients find distracting. We generally only use metals when restoring a tooth in the back of the mouth such as a molar, or we coat the metal crowns with a layer of porcelain for a more natural-looking finish.

What should I expect during the procedure?

Timeline  For Dental Crown Treatment 

When receiving traditional dental crown treatment from Dr. Han, the procedure typically falls into several basic steps: 

​Once the tooth has been treated, Dr. Han will take impressions or 3-D images of your teeth.

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​Once the tooth has been treated, Dr. Han will take impressions or 3-D images of your teeth.


Dr. Han numbs the area around the tooth. We ensure that all our patients are comfortably numb during this virtually painless procedure. 

Tooth Preparation

The dentist will prepare your natural tooth to serve as the foundation for your future crown. This may involve a standard cleaning, shaving down parts of the surface enamel, or a root canal. 

Virtual Impressions

Once the tooth has been treated, Dr. Han will take impressions or 3-D images of your teeth. These will aid in creating the final porcelain crown. The impressions and images, along with your unique tooth shade analysis, are sent to a dental laboratory where your custom crown is fabricated.

Temporary Crown

A temporary crown is placed while the final restoration is being crafted. It is important to be careful when chewing with the temporary crown, as it is not as strong as the final restoration.

Securing Permanent Crown

When your custom crown is ready, Dr. Han removes the temporary crown and replaces it with the permanent restoration. Finally, we check the fit and make any necessary adjustments, and your treatment is complete. 

"The process from start to finish was easy and the staff was very helpful."


Robert Nguyen


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Absolutely love everything about them. The entire staff is friendly and kind. I had two implants with bone grafts put in on my front teeth. Dr. Han was able to give me temporary crowns while the graft and implants healed. The process from start to finish was easy and the staff was very helpful. I'm in the process of getting two more implants put in my back teeth. Highly recommend.

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Andrew Kim


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Both Dr. Han and Dr. Ahn provide the best experience for their patients. They give knowledgeable and personal dental care. They made me feel comfortable and confident that I was getting the best treatment plan that was right for me

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Are you nervous about dental treatment?

We Can Provide Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Han partners with Horizon Anesthesia to provide world-class sedation options for those who are nervous about dental work. If you are hesitant to undergo dental treatment, you are not alone. Many patients are uneasy around dental tools and oral procedures, leading Han and Ahn Dental to invent training and resources in some of the best dental sedation options available in the industry.

Our oral conscious and IV sedation techniques put patients in a maximum state of comfort so they can relax while undergoing treatment. Our patients can rest easy knowing that their sedation is being administered by board-certified anesthesiologists. Don't let anxiety stop you from the dental work you need. Read more about sedation dentistry and the ways Han and Ahn keep you safe and at ease. 

With a Great Provider Crowns Will Last Over A Decade

Investing in Great Restorations at Han and Ahn Dental 

Investing in quality restorative dental work is one of the best ways to ensure a lifetime of good oral health and beautiful smiles. According to research in The American Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, 94 percent of crowns last a minimum of eight years. Treatment can last even longer when you visit a first-rate dental practice such as Han and Ahn.

We utilize the most advanced technology and substantive materials to craft superior restorations.  If you would like to learn more about dental crown treatment by Dr. Han, please contact our McLean, VA, practice, either online or by calling:

(703) 356-7001

Dental exam room

How do I maintain my dental crown?


You should care for your dental crown in much the same way as you care for your natural teeth. Our tips for maintaining a long-lasting crown include...

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Patients treated with a crown should practice good oral hygiene. This includes brushing twice daily and flossing at least once a day to prevent plaque build-up and bacterial infections. 

Avoid Excessive Force

Refrain from habits such as grinding or clenching your teeth or chewing ice, as they can cause additional strain and wear down your crown. 

Attend Regular Dental Check-Ups

While a crown protects the structure of a tooth, it cannot prevent other dental issues such as gum disease. It is important to attend regular check-ups and cleanings at the dentist's office to avoid any damage to your long-term oral health

Affording Treatment

A lack of dental insurance or payment options should not hold you back from receiving the care you need. At our practice, we accept CareCredit®. This medical financing plan allows you to receive the care you need when you need it, with payment plans that fit your budget.

For patients that have dental insurance, our practice accepts all major PPOs. Dental crown treatment is typically covered partially or completely when restoring damage to a tooth. Our office will work directly with your provider for your convenience to help alleviate any out-of-pocket expenses. 

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Han & Ahn DMD

Our dentists are world-class providers committed to consistently stunning results. Together, we are members of various prestigious dental organizations, including:
  • American Academy of Periodontology
  • American Board of Periodontology
  • American Association of Orthodontics

To schedule a visit at our one-of-a-kind dental office, call us at (703) 356-7001 or request an appointment online.

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"Dr. Han's work is amazing. I received a dental implant with bone grafting, and he did it perfectly, with minimal discomfort. He is extremely professional and made my experience pleasant. I would recommend him and Dr. Ahn to anyone who wants exceptional care." - Megan L., McLean, VA

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