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Did you know Dr. Han, dentist in McLean, can conduct tests to determine the number and type of bacteria present in your mouth? These tests can also indicate your risk for oral infection. This progressive and advanced dentistry in McLean, salivary diagnosis, examines your individual bacterial load, and its implications for your health.

Many patients are not aware of the risks they face from the bacteria in the mouth. Dr. Han believes prevention and early-diagnosis are key in preserving the optimum health of your whole body. As such, Dr. Han offers several salivary diagnostic services. Medical professionals are exploring a suggested link between gum disease and the increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Since oral bacteria may severely impact your health, these tests on the mouth can help medical professionals understand your health and risk factors.

Diagnostic tests for oral DNA testing and oral cancer HPV screening are available at Dr. Han’s office. These tests reveal your susceptibility for certain oral infections or diseases and unite dental health with your overall health. They can also indicate whether an unhealthy diet is negatively affecting your health, among other indicators of concern.

You don’t need to fear these tests. They are simple, easy and comfortable. Getting valuable results is painless, you just swish a saline solution for 30 seconds and then spit it into a tube. The lab will test and clone the bacterial DNA and amplify it using PCR technology, (Polymerase Chain Reactions). Once your findings are in, we will discuss their implications for your dental care and overall health.

What Dr. Han & Dr. Ahn can learn from salivary diagnosis:

MyPerioPath Test

This oral DNA test identifies high- to low-risk pathogens that exist in your mouth. These bacteria may cause gingivitis (early stage gum disease), or periodontal disease (mature gum disease).


This test determines if you are at increased risk for severe gum tissue infections, such as inflammatory periodontal disease.

The OraRisk HPV

This non-invasive test reveals if you are at risk of HPV-related (human papillomavirus) oral and throat cancers. The presence of HPV is suspected to increase your risk of oral cancer, a disease that 37,000 Americans will be diagnosed with this year. If HPV is present in your mouth, Dr. Han can provide the right treatment for your oral health. Your test results could affect your entire health, so you deserve to know if you are at risk.

Dental Decay Detection

We also offer advanced dental decay detection with a laser tool called Diagnodent. The laser is completely painless and safe, and it can illustrate any possible start of decay that is otherwise impossible to see. When we at Dr. Han & Dr. Ahn’s office see the beginning of a cavity, it is much easier, more conservative and less invasive to treat it as soon as possible. You can count on the comprehensive protection from the advanced dental office of Dr. Han & Dr. Ahn.

Prevention can save lives. The link between your oral and systemic health is strong, thus our dental care preserves your mouth and your well-being. Dr. Han sees these easy tests as vital services that ultimately benefit you, your health and your dental comfort. Request a consultation for proactive and preventative McLean dentistry from Dr. Han today!

Dr. Han & Dr. Ahn provide comprehensive dentistry with salivary diagnosis in McLean for Great Falls, Tyson’s Corner, Vienna, Oakton, Fairfax, and Arlington, VA.

Should I really have my saliva tested?

  • Oral infection and disease is very prevalent in adults – and this diagnosis can help us prevent it
  • Early prevention is always more effective, comfortable and can be life-saving
  • It’s an easy, painless test that takes 60 seconds to collect
  • Save time, money and painful treatments with early diagnosis and prevention
  • The test is easy and the results are valuable, so why not?
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