Arlington Area Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Snoring is a nuisance, but it can also indicate a more dangerous sleep condition: sleep apnea. This condition is caused by airways being constricted, and you stop breathing during sleep. Dr. Han & Dr. Ahn are able to provide dental expertise that treats snoring and sleep apnea, by positioning the jaws for maximum air intake. It’s important to establish a team approach for your most effective sleep apnea therapy, and Dr. Han & Dr. Ahn work with other health care providers, such as your family or sleep doctor. Together, your treatment is cohesive and usually very effective for controlling or eliminating sleep apnea for Arlington area patients.

Dr. Han & Dr. Ahn provide effective treatment for sleep apnea in the Arlington area for Tyson’s Corner, Great Falls, Vienna, Oakton, Fairfax and McLean, VA.

Is Snoring Unhealthy?

  • We know or hear that is annoyingly disturbing to others' sleep
  • It can lead to sleep apnea, which is unhealthy because you stop breathing, sometimes for minutes, during sleep
  • Since it occurs during sleep, snoring or sleep apnea are very hard to diagnose
  • There is sleep apnea and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) - OSA is more serious and can damage organs or lead to death
  • Men and women are both susceptible for sleep apnea
  • See your primary care physician or ask for a referral for a sleep apnea diagnosis
  • Along with any other health care professionals, Dr. Han & Dr. Ahn can provide treatment that has you sleeping safely
You have options for your anti-snoring and sleep apnea device. Arlington, Great Falls, Tyson’s Corner, Vienna, Oakton, Fairfax and McLean dentist, Dr. Han & Dr. Ahn, can create a mouthguard that will treat the cause of sleep apnea: a restricted air way. These are the trusted, comfortable and effective sleep apnea mouthguards:

TAP® (Thorton Adjustable Positioner)

The TAP® is a mouthguard for eliminating or reducing snoring and sleep apnea. It is customized to your teeth by Dr. Han & Dr. Ahn and comfortably holds your jaws in a position that maximizes air flow to your lungs. For added comfort, it is adjustable by you, the patient, so you can ensure a comfortable sleep, free of concerns over sleep apnea. Plus, snoring less or not at all will also have you feeling better.

Silent Nite®

This is a mouthguard worn at night that stabilizes vibrations from relaxed and collapsed airways, preventing or greatly reducing snoring and sleep apnea. Dr. Han & Dr. Ahn will make sure it fits perfectly, and it doesn’t require any further adjustments or extra parts. Your jaws will be gently maintained in a position that keeps airways open, so you continue to breathe and air has a clear path. You will wake feeling refreshed, knowing you are taking care of your health and minimizing snoring noise.

If you have or have been told of the following symptoms, come see Dr. Han & Dr. Ahn:

  • Chronic snoring
  • Excessive sleepiness or mental fatigue
  • Headache immediately upon waking
  • Dry mouth upon waking
  • Forgetfulness
  • Irritability

Sleep apnea can be a frightening condition, but you can count on the expertise and treatment of Dr. Han & Dr. Ahn. Providing McLean, Great Falls, Vienna, Oakton, Fairfax, and Arlington-area sleep apnea solutions is rewarding, since it is usually non-invasive dentistry which can greatly improve your quality of life.

Start sleeping peacefully – contact our dentist in McLean today!

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