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Dental Crowns and Bridges

When a patient has advanced tooth decay or accidentally damages his or her tooth, it can be a traumatic, overwhelming experience. Fortunately, Han & Ahn DMD, PC provides dental crowns and bridges in McLean, VA, to ensure that your smile is not compromised by a damaged tooth. Dental crowns are prosthetic devices used to protect your smile by replacing the visible tooth surface while keeping the root structure strong and intact.

Crowns & Bridges


A crown protects your smile by replacing the visible tooth surface with a restoration, keeping the root structure strong and intact. The restoration mimics natural tooth anatomy and Dr. Daniel SW Han uses the best, most beautiful materials that serve your individual needs. There is no template for a beautiful smile! Your smile is an extension of you, and Dr. Han can help it look and feel great.

A crown from McLean dentist Dr. Han effectively replaces a worn or damaged tooth surface with enhanced integrity and function. You can enjoy your favorite foods and smile at any occasion, because crowns make teeth durable, complete and free of decay.


Dental bridges are a prosthetic restoration, secured by crowns on surrounding teeth. Bridges can repair severe cracks in teeth, provide an ideal chewing surface or serve as a conservative tooth replacement option. This form of restorative dentistry in McLean may offer you a non-invasive option to retain a healthy bite and keep teeth free of decay.

For crowns and bridges, a secure fit and an ideal look determine the success of the entire restoration. Dr. Han’s preeminent specialty training in prosthesis and artistic background allow him to customize crowns and bridges with the utmost technical detail, for your highest satisfaction. Dr. Han takes explicitly accurate specifications so his dental lab can create a flawless restoration that you will enjoy. He takes as much time as is necessary to provide the best result. On your final appointment, your crown or bridge are bonded into place, completing the look and function of your smile.

It is crucial for crowns and bridges to establish a correct and stable bite. Of course, Dr. Han will take every step possible to make your McLean crowns and bridges look as good and natural as possible. Meet with him, for a consultation and to discuss the best dental materials, including tooth-colored porcelain, to restore your smile to strength and beauty!

Dr. Daniel SW Han provides comprehensive dentistry for life-like crowns in McLean for Great Falls, Vienna, Oakton, Falls Church, Fairfax, and Arlington, VA.

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We are here to provide additional information regarding dental crowns and bridges, and look forward to helping you achieve all of your dental goals. The Staff of Han & ahn DMD, PC

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