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A periodontist is specially trained to treat and eliminate gum conditions to maintain your oral health. 

Dr. Daniel Han provides expert periodontics to patients with gum disease so that you can share a smile you're proud of.

Why should you seek periodontal care at our McLean, VA, dental practice?

Untreated periodontal disease can have serious consequences on your oral health and smile...

Heavily decayed teeth Heavily decayed teeth

Prosthodontists Provide Specialized Dental Care

Our McLean, VA, office provides patients with valuable knowledge and dental care to protect your oral health.

Authorities on Gum Health 

Periodontists have years of additional education and training to treat complex cases that a regular dentist cannot address. A specialty certificate in periodontic dentistry requires a three-year residency to develop the skills and knowledge to perform the specialized treatment. 

Comprehensive Care

While a general dentist can refer you to a specialist if you have gum disease, visiting a dental practice with an in-house periodontist is more effective and convenient. Han And Ahn DMD provides comprehensive care, from simple cleanings to complex oral surgery. 

A Rarity in the Region

Dr. Han is one of the few highly experienced prosthodontic specialists in Virginia. It is rare to find a doctor who can provide this unique subset of treatment combining periodontists and prosthodontics. Dr. Han emphasizes the importance of specialized care and attention to detail.

McLean, VA, Recommends Our Practice "I never worry about any procedure. He can handle anything!!"


Beverly Shatzen


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Best dentist ever! Smart, gentle, and knows his craft inside and out. No one else I would ever want to go to after going to Dr. Han. He is simply the best in every way. I never worry about any procedure. He can handle anything!!

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Fouad Talout


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Dr. Han is the best dentist that I have ever known in my life. He is patient, listens deeply, is very knowledgeable, and is very accessible and responsive to emergency situations.

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Why Go Anywhere Else?  Superior Dental Care at Han and Ahn DMD

Dr. Han has a postdoctoral certificate in Periodontics Implantology, and Periodontal Prosthesis. After receiving his Doctorate of Dental Medicine, he then went on to receive specialty training at the University of Pennsylvania and graduated as the top resident of the year.

The talented and experienced specialists at Han and Ahn DMD are dedicated to providing each patient with the most comfortable, effective treatment. Whether you have minor gum sensitivity or an advanced case of periodontal disease, Dr. Han listens to your individual needs to provide the best possible solution. Our expert dental care results in countless healthy, beautiful smiles. Don't delay treatment! Schedule a consultation at our McLean, VA, office today. Reach us online, or call:

(703) 356-7001

Drs. Ahn and Han
We offer periodontics to help you achieve and maintain a healthy smile foundation.

If preventive measures fail, you have other treatment options...

We Can Correct the Damage Caused by Periodontal Disease 

Dental implants are a great solution to restore your smile if you have an advanced case of periodontitis. 

Surgical Treatment

If gum disease has progressed beyond the point that non-surgical methods can remedy, Dr. Han can provide periodontal surgery. The procedure timeline will vary depending on the type of surgery you require but generally includes...
Our specialists are dedicated to providing each patient with the most comfortable, effective treatment...
Our specialists are dedicated to providing each patient with the most comfortable, effective treatment...


A couple of weeks before your procedure, we may ask patients to stop taking certain medications, such as pills with blood-thinning side effects. We typically ask you to refrain from smoking or consuming alcohol before and after this dentistry procedure.

Periodontal Surgery

We offer different types of surgical options depending on the nature of your dental condition. Dr. Han performs gum grafting, bone grafting, crown lengthening, and regenerative procedures such as Guided Tissue Regeneration to treat periodontitis and improve your oral health. 


Your recovery will depend on the severity of your periodontal disease and the type of surgery. You can generally expect some minor bleeding and discomfort after any dental surgery. Side effects can be managed with over the counter pain medications, and ice packs. Most patients are able to resume normal activities a day or two after the procedure. Follow Dr. Han's instructions for recovery to prevent infection and promote successful healing. 

Our Results Speak For Themselves... "I was very confident that I was in the best hands!"


Sofia Barretto Thomas


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I recently had implant surgery with Dr. Han and I couldn't be happier with the experience. Dr. Han is very thorough and takes the time to explain everything that will be done, before and during the procedure. He showed me several pictures of the procedure, made sure I understood all the steps, and answered all my questions. His office staff is also very responsive and friendly. I was very confident that I was in the best hands! This is an outstanding practice!

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Sief Kobrosly


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I recently had crown lengthening surgery performed by Dr. Han which went flawlessly and did not feel any discomfort. Throughout the surgery I was informed of every step along the way.  This is one of top dental offices in the DC area  as well as the office staff is top-notch! Overall I am thrilled that I switched dental practices and will be coming here for years to come.

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When it comes to implant dentistry, periodontics, or just routine cleanings, our McLean practice can deliver results that exceed your expectations.
The comfortable lobby of Han & Ahn

Han & Ahn DMD

Our dentists are world-class providers committed to consistently stunning results. Together, we are members of various prestigious dental organizations, including:
  • American Academy of Periodontology
  • American Board of Periodontology
  • American Association of Orthodontics

To schedule a visit at our one-of-a-kind dental office, call us at (703) 356-7001 or request an appointment online.

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"Dr. Han's work is amazing. I received a dental implant with bone grafting, and he did it perfectly, with minimal discomfort. He is extremely professional and made my experience pleasant. I would recommend him and Dr. Ahn to anyone who wants exceptional care." - Megan L., McLean, VA

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