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Teeth Whitening

Discoloration and staining can make even healthy teeth appear dull and unattractive.

Drs. Han and Ahn offer both in-office and take-home teeth whitening treatments to significantly brighten your smile.

Discover how fast and convenient treatment for a more beautiful smile can be in Mclean, VA...

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Cosmetic Dentistry at Han and Ahn DMD

Everyone deserves a bright, beautiful smile they can be proud of. Whether you are looking for some minor enhancements or a top to a bottom smile design, Han and Ahn DMD can provide a solution for you.

Unlike other dental practices, we treat our patients with the full spectrum of dental solutions in-house. You don't have to worry about outside referrals, or finding a specialist; we are the specialists here!

Dr. Han is an Ivy-league educated and trained periodontist and leader in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Sooyeon Ahn is our resident orthodontic specialist. Look no further than our Mclean, VA, dental practice for high quality, personalized treatment for you and your entire family.

If you are interested in having whiter teeth, schedule an appointment for a whitening procedure today. Contact us online or by calling:

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Drs. Ahn and Han

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Beverly Shatzen


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Best dentist ever! Smart, gentle, and knows his craft inside and out. No one else I would ever want to go to after going to Dr. Han. He is simply the best in every way. I never worry about any procedure. He can handle anything!!

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Pete T. Ahn


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Service was neat, clean and through including oral checking. Delighted and satisfied with service. Thank you very much for services provided, See you next time. 
From Peter T Ahn

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How It Works...

Zoom! whitening uses a special LED lamp to intensify the effects of the bleaching formula.

What You Should Know about Tooth Discoloration

Extrinsic tooth discoloration (staining in the outer layers of the teeth) is often caused by dark-colored foods and beverages. Aging, genetics, tobacco use, and certain medications can also cause extrinsic stains. Fortunately, teeth whitening can eliminate discoloration by dissolving the bonds that create stains.

Will tooth whitening treatment work for me?

Understanding Different Types of Tooth Discoloration

Not all kinds of discoloration respond to teeth whitening. To find out if you are a good candidate, we will first perform an oral exam and try to determine the cause of your discoloration. From there we can recommend the most effective form of treatment. Stains that are typically resistant to teeth whitening include...

Dark Clouding from Trauma

If you have suffered some injury or trauma to the teeth, you may have bleeding in the internal structure darkening the dentinal nerves. If your tooth turns a dark color after being exposed to excessive force, you may require a root canal or alternative form of treatment to whiten the affected tooth. 

Overexposure to Floride

While fluoride in moderation is good for oral health, too much can result in fluorosis, which can discolor the teeth. This is mainly a concern for children who have developing permanent teeth, that can grow in yellow or with surface irregularities. Whitening can occasionally be helpful, but other times crowns and veneers are the most effective way to achieve whiter teeth. 

Age-Related Intrinsic Stains

Age-related stains on the teeth are often intrinsic. The surface enamel erodes over time, exposing the underlying yellow dentin, and dentin grows reducing the size of your pulp chamber. These age-related changes can cause a tooth look darkened or gray. We may recommend an alternative cosmetic or restorative procedure to teeth whitening to get your smile back to a bright shade of white.

"I am totally pleased with his work, the cosmetic effects, and his gentle painless numbing process... Why not use the best?"


Shahin Yousefzadeh


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I am myself a dentist and finding Dr. Han for my own treatment was a blessing. He and his staff were nothing short of amazing. Dr. Han is very detail oriented and was extremely patient with me and my expectations. He went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with my treatment results. He is a periodontist and prosthodontist which is the best of two worlds when it comes to analyzing and treating the entire range of implant therapy from individual tooth replacement to complex full mouth reconstruction. Look no further Dr. Han is the best.

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Susan Rees


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I have been a patient of Dr. Han for almost four years. At my age, I have needed many procedures, some simple, some very complex.  I am totally pleased with his work, the cosmetic effects, and his gentle painless numbing process. Dr. Han is a painstaking, thorough, highly trained dentist. He is very scientific in his approach, but also spends the time to explain all procedures and conditions to me.  His staff is also very welcoming, but very professional, promptly preparing and submitting all of my insurance papers for me. 
Why not use the best?

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Han & Ahn DMD

Our dentists are world-class providers committed to consistently stunning results. Together, we are members of various prestigious dental organizations, including:
  • American Academy of Periodontology
  • American Board of Periodontology
  • American Association of Orthodontics

To schedule a visit at our one-of-a-kind dental office, call us at (703) 356-7001 or request an appointment online.

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"Dr. Han's work is amazing. I received a dental implant with bone grafting, and he did it perfectly, with minimal discomfort. He is extremely professional and made my experience pleasant. I would recommend him and Dr. Ahn to anyone who wants exceptional care." - Megan L., McLean, VA

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